Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle
Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle
Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle
Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle
Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle
Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle
Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle
Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle
Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle
Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle
Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle

Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle

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Gyuto (ぎゅうとう) Japanese Damascus Steel Knife with Coloured Blue Handle


Full length: 33 cm 
Blade length: 19.0 cm
Blade width: 4.5 cm (The widest point)
Blade thickness: 2.0 mm
Net weight: 190 g

At 8-inches long, the Damascus Steel Chef Knife is a sight to behold. It's fashionable while still retaining top-tier quality and versatility. It's an ideal knife for carving perfect cuts of red meat. It's also great for any type of vegetable work. It feels fantastic in your hand, and it looks snazzy to boot.

You'll love the stylish blue resin-wood handle. It further adds to the bold visual appeal of the knife. The blue resin gets chemically stabilized, reinforcing the wood, so it's far less likely to warp or crack.

Do you love fresh fish or meat? If so, you're sure to love this knife. The longer length makes slicing fish fillets quick and straightforward.
It also has a straight edge, which is handy for chopping vegetables. Its slick handle and unique construction add some visual flair to this top-tier knife.

Elite-Level Materials and Masterful Craftsmanship

Our flagship line of Akatsuki Damascus Steel Knives is among the finest cutlery on the market today. Quality is our #1 priority, so we use the absolute best materials.

Each blade has a layer of VG10 steel at its core - also known as the gold standard of Japanese steel. There are 33 layers of robust Damascus steel on either side, reinforcing the blade.

Our engineers meticulously designed the perfect weight and balance for each knife. We vetted them with experienced chefs for just the right feel. These knives are for skilled chefs that are looking for the best of the best.

The 8" Damascus Steel Chef Knife will stand out from the crowd on your chopping block. Its gorgeous hand-forged herringbone pattern instantly draws attention to it.

The handle features premium G10 Wood that's stained Navy Blue. It's also textured for a comfy and ergonomic grip that will never slip out of your hand. You won't have any trouble maintaining a sharp edge with this blade. Its special engineering ensures that it will stay sharp for many years with proper care.

An Unrivaled Performance

Its tip is ridiculously sharp and finished to a mirror-like polish. Our engineers also nitrogen cool each blade for additional hardness, resistance, and flexibility.

The random Damascus pattern screams beauty, elegance, and style.

Are you tired of surface resistance when cutting meat or vegetables? You can kiss that goodbye with this exceptional knife. It's been professionally tapered for buttery-smooth cuts every single time.

The bolster provides a comfortable grip and ideal balance. If you're a skilled chef, this knife will feel perfect in your hands. It's resistant to heat, cold, and moisture - so you don't have to worry about hurting your hands when cutting.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Marcin Filip (Hayes, GB)

After years of swearing by German forged steel, I was nervous about switching to a fine-edged Japanese blade. It didn't take long to get used to the switch and I doubt that I will purchase anything but Yoshihiro from here on out. The price is very reasonable and the knifes are a great value. This knife is 2 ounces lighter than my previous chef knife, which may not sound like a big deal, but any professional who spends hours a day with their knife will tell you what a difference it makes. I love how light and attractive it is and the case that carries it. Just be aware that it is a very thin blade and could be damaged easily. I already bent the tip trying to slice through some very thick cuts of brisket. I should have been more careful but I plan on purchasing at least two more Yoshihiro knifes. Find yourself a ceramic sharpener for honing it between tasks, it will keep the blade sharp for days on end. The only thing I wasn't aware of when I bought it is that the handle is unfinished and you will need to buy some oil to do so with to keep it food safe. It's not really a complaint so much though, I stained and finished it myself and that has just made it that much more personal.

Theo Culbert (Ware, GB)

This is a amazing knife. 10/10 would buy again. I use it every single day at work in a fine dining restaurant and it's never let me down. Perfect for literally every cut. Looks great, feels great, it is great. I would 100% recommend this knife to anyone that can afford it and works in a professional manner. This is NOT a knife for the house, there are many much more affordable options for home cooking. For work environment this is perfect! The edge keeps extremely well, especially if you do regular maintenance on the bevels with a honing rod. It's resilient and keeps up with my workload (150-300 covers a night).

Finlay Farquhar (Ilkeston, GB)

A beautifully made knife that will be your favorite vegetable knife. This knife was incredibly sharp straight from the box and ready to go. It's light with a thin precision blade. The only gripe that I have was with shipping. It took over two weeks for my knife to arrive but when it did, the packaging was perfect.

I have been a food service professional for 40 years and have used Henckles the entire time. They are great knives and have served me well. But, my new Yoshihiro will become my go to knife with the exception of very heavy cutting. My Henckles still have that covered.

Customer (Crewe, GB)
Sharp !!!!!

Best knives I have ever come across, I’ll be sure to buy the full set 👍

Customer (Gillingham, GB)
Outstanding and beautiful

This knife is simply outstanding in every way, trust me buy these knives and you will be amazed


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