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      Properly keeping your kitchen knives is very important. Why? Because it protects the quality of your expensive knife set. Also, it protects your fingers from cutting. In this article, we will discuss how to store your costly and beautiful knives appropriately.  Before starting, it is important to keep the knives near your cooking area. Or the area where you mostly prepare your food. This will reduce your time and cut down the time that you are moving here and there in the kitchen in search of your required knife. Well, without any further delay, let’s begin with our article!

      The first strategy for keeping your quality knives safe and sound is using a wall magnetic strip or drawer. 

      If you have adequate vertical spacing, then doubtlessly, magnetic strips are the best option for you. They are also best if your kitchen is small or your cooking or cutting counter has less space. The best way to store knives in a magnetic strip is to keep the knife carefully by laying down its blunt edge first. Do not put the knife’s sharp edge first. Doing so can dull your sharp knife.

      Besides a perfect storage space, magnetic strips can enhance the look of your kitchen.

      Note: When installing a magnetic strip, make sure it is located near your cooking counter and out of reach of children.

      The second strategy for keeping the expensive blades safe is using a drawer. If you have a massive kitchen with lots of counter space, then an in-drawer knife tray is the best option for you. It protects your fingers and minimizes the counter-clutter. In order to keep the knives out of reach of children, it is advisable to install a lock that can help hold the drawer firmly. So children can’t access knives without your knowledge. 

      You should pay proper attention to knife blades when you are placing them in the drawer. They should be placed calmly instead of slid in. 

      Last but not least, you can also protect your knives by keeping them on countertops or slotted knife blocks. You might have seen blocks with knives in them. They are usually placed on the counter of the cooking section. If you continuously cook or want to keep your knives within your range during cooking, then buying a kitchen knife set with a block is a nice investment. However, it is a hard job to find a ready-made knife block according to your knife's size. Instead, you can buy a complete kitchen knife set with a block. 

      Adding a complete kitchen knife set with blocks instead of separate knives and separate blocks is preferred. Because it enhances the overall look of your kitchen. 

      In the end, a universal knife block is a good option for protecting your knives from damage. If you can’t afford a complete kitchen knife set with a block, then you should buy a slot-free knife block. Because it can give place to any knife. All credit goes to its freedom rod technology.

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