Chukabocho (なきり) SAKUTO Full Tang (Cleaver) Knife
Chukabocho (なきり) SAKUTO Full Tang (Cleaver) Knife
Chukabocho (なきり) SAKUTO Full Tang (Cleaver) Knife
Chukabocho (なきり) SAKUTO Full Tang (Cleaver) Knife
Chukabocho (なきり) SAKUTO Full Tang (Cleaver) Knife
Chukabocho (なきり) SAKUTO Full Tang (Cleaver) Knife
Chukabocho (なきり) SAKUTO Full Tang (Cleaver) Knife
Chukabocho (なきり) SAKUTO Full Tang (Cleaver) Knife
Chukabocho (なきり) SAKUTO Full Tang (Cleaver) Knife

Chukabocho (なきり) SAKUTO Full Tang (Cleaver) Knife

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Chukabocho (なきり) SAKUTO Full Tang Cleaver Knife


Full length: 32.5 cm
Blade length: 17.5 cm
Blade width: 10 cm (The widest point)
Blade thickness: 4 mm
Net weight: 430 g

The Cleaver Knife - as it can slash through any type of meat and vegetable with total ease.

It can handle everything from carving a turkey to the most delicate vegetable work.
There's a reason why butchers regard the cleaver as their favorite tool. It's because it has the perfect balance of power and precision. Our Moroyoshi Cleaver takes things to the next level with its superior construction. If you're working with flimsy steak knives - do yourself a favor and make the upgrade.

This knife is highly durable and will last a lifetime.
It comes with a full tang to ensure the blade stays in place no matter what. When chopping, slashing, and carving, it keeps the handle balanced for maximum precision.

Caring for the blade is effortless.
All you have to do is make sure the blade stays dry when it's not in use. If it gets wet, the water may cause the edge to rust. Beyond that, cleaning and caring for this blade is a breeze. For the best results, we recommend hand washing and drying the blade.

While any knife will dull from heavy use, our cleaver features unique engineering. It hones exceptionally well with a whetstone, keeping your blade razor sharp at all times.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Antonio Moss
Very satisfied

Okay. First, I looked at all the reviews before choosing this knife. I looked at all the pictures and read all the text. From everything I read, I decided to give it a shot. It was a great decision. This is an excellent knife. First, think about it's original purpose. Slicing sushi or sashimi without deforming the roll is not for an ordinary knife. This knife is so sharp that it can slice through cooked sticky rice and not lose a single grain. The traditional Japanese edge is perfect. And, the length of the blade allows you to slice through anything with a single pass, with no real pressure applied. The balance of the knife is flawless. It cuts through the tiniest tomatoes without losing one drop of juice and slices through cold steak like it was butter. You can balance the knife on one finger. The whole thing is hand crafted to perfecting detail. I also like the box. It's a perfect presentation or storage box for such a finely crafted tool. I am very VERY pleased with this purchase. Five stars.

Zaid Ali (Burton-on-Trent, GB)

needed a good sharp knife for fileting, and I found this one, Marku brand, and I just love the high quality german steel, and I found this one, at a unbelievable price and had to get it. I was not dissapointed, this knife is amazing. Very well made, flawless design where the handle is perfect and very well balanced too. Sharp, this one is extremely sharp, and can slice through about anything like it is nothing. I did my turkey up with this, and it sliced right through, and past the cartilidge too without even feeling it. Very easy to manuever, and slicing is very enjoyable. Hard to show how nice this one is with just pics, so I did a video to show. No cons, really nice knife, where I am very happy with this purchase.

M Jones (Barnet, GB)

What an awesome knife! I used it to slice steak and it was like a hot knife through butter. It has a great weight to it as well. Very solidly built and high quality. I cant wait to use it for sushi!

John Smith (Suffolk, US)

I am becoming a real 'fan boy' of Imarku products. I mean, just look at how sharp this cleaver is! Really? Right out of the box! This was a gift to my son-in-law, who does a LOT of cooking, grilling and Texas style smoking. I teased him with it for a bit, and just let him drool. When I finally gave it to him, he was like a fat kid in a candy store! This Japanese style cleaver/knife is fantastic. Made in the traditional fashion of folding the steel over and over in the forging process, it is incredibly hard. And, using the single bevel edge that is also a Japanese tradition for the sharpest edge, it has provided a knife to be treasured and cared for. Bernard (my son-in-law) really loves this knife. So much so, that he has taken it to a professional knife sharpener for the final stage in creating that ungodly edge on it that can cut a green coconut in half in mid-air. I'm actually regretting giving this knife to him. I'm jealous now and will have to get another for myself. FIVE RAZOR SHARP STARS!

George Taylor (Walsall, GB)

This product is perfect for our kitchen, its easy to hold. the color makes everything elegant. The material is excellent. What makes different this product than the other ones? Its not heavy, is ergonomic. The knife is value for the money pay. Is a good purchase!


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