Your Guide to Chef’s Knife Set!


      You do not have to be a professional chef to know and understand the chef’s knife set. Besides a Chef’s knife, a chef’s knife set also consists of several other important accessories. Read this brief guide to understand what a chef’s knife is. And what is included in the chef’s knife set? Without any further delay, let’s begin with our brief article!

      Chef’s Knife:

      A chef’s knife, simply known as a knife for the chef, is a powerful tool in the kitchen. It is not wrong to say that a chef's knife is the most valuable player in the kitchen, working along with the chef in perfect chopping, mincing, and cutting of a variety of ingredients. A chef is nothing without its best friend, which is, of course, the chef’s knife.


      A chef’s knife has a broad blade equipped with a handle. The length of the blade ranges from 6-12 inches. However, most of the chef’s knives have an 8-inch blade. Besides being used by professionals, chef’s knives are an important part of every kitchen.

      Chef’s Knife Set:

      A chef’s knife set includes powerful tools for chefs. Besides playing with knives, chefs also require several important tools. Such tools are present in chef’s knife sets. The set of chef knives includes the following knives and  related tools:


      Knives included in Chef’s Knife Set:


      1. Serrated knife:

      It is a saw-like edge knife that is mostly used for cutting tomatoes, bread, and other related food with a hard exterior and soft interior.


      2. Filleting knife:

      A type of knife that has a flexible and narrow blade is called a Filleting knife. It is also known as a Boning knife. It is specifically designed for deboning meat and poultry.


      3. Paring knife:

      It is a short-blade knife. A paring knife is perfect for precise cutting tasks as well as for peeling oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.


      4. Utility knife:

      A utility knife is larger than a paring knife but smaller than a chef knife. Besides its size, it is of considerable importance. It is a perfect tool for slicing vegetables and fruits, as well as small cuts of meat.


      5. Santoku knife:

      As the name suggests, it is related to Japanese-style blades. It has a thinner blade and closely resembles a chef's knife. We can say that it is the sister of chef’s knives with shorter and thinner blades. The Santoku knife features a granton edge that helps prevent the food from sticking.


      6. Carving knife:

      It is a long, thin knife that is particularly used for cutting and slicing cooked meat.


      Other Accessories included in the set of chef knives:


      1. Knife sharpener:

      As the name suggests, a knife sharpener is a type of tool that is used for sharpening the edges of chef’s and related knives.


      2. Storage case or knife block:

      A type specifically designed for storing knives is called a storage case. If you want to protect your expensive chef’s knife set from rust, then you should store it in a knife block or storage case.


      3. Kitchen shears:

      It consists of pairs of scissors.

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