What is a Paring Knife


      If you are thinking of buying a set of knives, then it is important to include paring knives in it. Paring knives are an important part of a knife set for several reasons. Also known as a mini Cook’s knife, it is a versatile tool used for various important cooking tasks. Read on to know what you will learn through this article:


      ● Introduction of Paring knives

      ● Applications of Paring knives

      ● Types of Paring Knives

      What is a Paring Knife?

      Just like Cook’s knife, a paring knife is also a multi-purpose knife perfect for chopping, cutting, slicing, and peeling vegetables and fruits. It is a handy knife that comes with a traditional and rustic look. Because of their small size, they are considered baby knives. They usually come with an 8-inch blade length. Paring knives feature a slightly curved, non-serrated blade. High-quality material like carbon steel or stainless steel is used for crafting paring knives. They can also be customized according to your specific requirements.


      Paring knives are robust and highly versatile. Its design with soft and clean lines, makes it an ideal deal for a comfortable grip.

      Why Use a Paring Knife?

      You can use paring knives for a variety of tasks. Whether you want to remove seeds from any vegetable or food, or dealing with deveining or prawns of shrimps, want to remove the fruit top (as in pomegranate), or want to remove the skin of potatoes or apples, this knife is the best option for all tasks.


      Furthermore, it is also best for trimming, supreming/segmentation, scoring, dicing, and mincing small food ingredients including garlic and shallots.

      How Many Types of Paring Knives Are There?

      Although they are small in size compared to other knives, they exist in several shapes. Paring knives can come in serrated or straight blades. Classic paring knives come with a spear-looking tip. They have a shape similar to the Japanese variant which is the Santoku knife. Other types of paring knives include sheep’s foot paring knife and bird’s beak paring knife.




      Should I buy a paring knife or a Chef’s knife?


      If you do a lot of chopping and slicing, then you should invest in a chef’s knife. Or if you often deal with peeling and precise cutting of vegetables, and fruits, then a paring knife is the best option for you.


      Can I buy a customized paring knife?


      Yes. You can buy a customized paring knife. For a customized paring knife, you have to contact any knife maker or smith that supports customization services. You can share your design and requirements that you want and the smith will craft a knife according to your requirements and desire.


      What is the price of a paring knife?


      Paring knife’s price depends on various factors. Such factors include the material used in its construction, the brand’s reputation, and craftsmanship. The price of a paring knife is between $200-$500. 

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