List of Different Knives Used For Chopping


      If you want to be a master in cooking tasks, then you should know that a specific knife serves a specific purpose. In this article, we have concluded a list of different knives that are used for chopping vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts, etc. The most preferred knives that are used for chopping include the following:


      1. Chef’s Knife:

      A chef knife which is also known as a Cook’s knife is widely used for chopping food ingredients around the world. Besides chopping, it is also a good option for dicing, and slicing vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. therefore, it is also known as an all-purpose knife. Its broad blade with an average length of 8-12 cm and a thickness of 2-3 mm makes it one of the best knives. It is made up of different materials including ceramic, high-carbon steel, or even Damascus steel. Damascus chef knives are costly because they are considered luxurious knives.


      2. Santoku Knife:

      As the name sounds like Japanese, it is the best Japanese knife ideal for chopping tasks. It has a shorter yet wider blade compared to a chef's knife. A Santoku knife has an average blade length of 5-8 inches with an average thickness of 1.5-2.5 mm. If you want a knife that can offer excellent edge retention, then doubtlessly Santoku knife is best for you. Different materials like VG-10 and high-carbon stainless steel are used in the manufacturing of Santoku knives.


      3. Sawtooth Knife:

      If you want to chop juicy vegetables like tomatoes and certain fruits, then doubtlessly a Sawtooth knife is best for you. It is also known as a Serrated or Toothed blade knife. Its blade length is 5-10 inches with a thickness of 1.5-3 mm. Due to the presence of a serrated design, these knives offer excellent edge retention.


      4. Nakiri Bocho Knife:

      The Nakiri knife is a Japanese knife. It is made from VG-10 or high-carbon stainless steel. It is usually used for chopping vegetables. With its straight edge, you can chop vegetables very easily. The blade length of Nakiri knives is 5-7 inches. Its thickness is between 1.5-2.5 mm.


      5. Chopper:

      Have you ever seen those wide blades that butchers use? Those are choppers or cleavers. Cleavers are made by different companies. But German and Japanese cleavers are widely used by professional chefs for chopping. Because they are perfect for chopping through thick cuts of bones, meat, and hard vegetables. The blade length of a cleaver is 6-9 inches. The diameter of the cleaver's blade is between 3-4 mm.


      6. Paring knife:

      If you want precise chopping, then a paring knife is the best. It is a narrow-blade knife with a blade length of 2.5-4.5 inches. Its thickness ranges between 1-2 mm. If the paring knives are made up of ceramic or high-carbon stainless steel, then they offer excellent edge retention.


      Other knives used for chopping include the Utility knife and the Boning knife.


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