Know Everything Related to Set of Chef Knives


      A chef’s knife, aka a cook knife, is an important part of a kitchen. It is a type of cutting equipment that facilitates the preparation of various foods. It was designed to disjoint and slice cuts of meat. But later on, it was used for chopping, cutting, as well as mincing. A good chef knife set is as important for a cook as a matter of life and death.


      Read on to know what you’ll learn through this article:


      ● Western-style chef knives Vs. Japanese-style chef knives

      ● Design and use of chef knife

      ● Parts of Chef Knife

      ● No. of knives in a set of chef knives

      What is the difference between Western-style chef knives and Japanese-style chef knives?

      In general, a cooks’s knife has a 20 centimeter (8 inches) blade and 3.8 centimeter (1.5 inches) width. However, the chef’s knife blade length can vary. Modern chef knives have a blade length of 15-36 centimeterm (6-14 inches). The differences between Western-style chef knives and Japanese-style chef knives are listed hereunder:

      Western-style chef knives:

      This type of chef knife has a heavier and thicker blade.  Often, it has a curved blade. The blade of Western-style chef knives is made up of carbon steel or stainless steel. German and French chef knives fall in the category of Western-style chef knives.

      Japanese-style chef knives:

      This type of chef knife has a lighter and thinner blade and a straight edge compared to the above. Its blade is often made up of Damascus steel or high-carbon steel.

      Design and use of chef knives:

      The chef knife of  today’s era is an all-purpose knife. It is the best option for slicing, mincing, slicing of vegetables and meat. Also, a set of professional chef knives is best for cutting and disjointing of big cuts.

      Anatomy of chef knife:

      A chef knife consists of the following important parts:


      1. Handle

      2. Bolster

      3. Heal (thickest and  widest part of knife)

      4. Cutting edge

      5. Spine

      6. Point

      How many knives are there in a set of chef knives?

      It depends on the brand, manufacturer, intended use, and chef’s requirements. A typical set of chef knives consists of 4-5 knives, including a paring knife, a utility knife, a chef’s knife, a bread knife, etc. Besides these 4-5 knives, you can also add a boning knife, steak knife, santoku knife as well as a cleaver in your set of chef knives.




      What is a Gyuto?

      Gyuto is another name for a Japanese chef knife. It is highly preferred among professional chefs due to its lightweight nature.


      What are the common uses of chef knives?

      A chef knife is used for various tasks in the kitchen. It is perfect for mincing, chopping, slicing, dicing vegetables, nuts, fruits, and meat.


      What is the price range of the set of professional chef knives?

      Professional chef knives range from a few dollars to hundred dollars. If you are buying a basic set, it will cost you below $200. However, a luxurious and exclusive professional chef knives set made up of Damascus steel can range from $200 to $500 or more.

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