Know About Solingen Knives


      Solingen, also known as the “City of Blades,” is a renowned city in Germany. Besides its great reputation in Germany, it is known worldwide for high-quality knives, swords, razors, scissors, etc. People consider Solingen Germany a company by mistake. But it is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia. And is popular for its top-quality steel. Read on to know what this article will cover:


      1. When did knife manufacturing start in Solingen?

      2. What is Solingen Steel?

      3. Applications of Solingen steel:

      4. List of top-notch Solingen steel knives:

      When Did Knife Manufacturing Start in Solingen?

      In the Middle Ages, before the popular and well-known industries and companies settled in Solingen, it was a hub of forging weapons. After that, it becomes a hot spot for knife makers and grinding shops. The reason for their settlement was the presence of many streams and rivers, which are perfect for grinding dock construction.


      In the 15th century, the hardeners and grinders were allowed to form a guild. And after that, in the later century, many knife manufacturers settled in this area. In this way, the knife manufacturing process started in Solingen. Today, it is the hub of famous Solingen companies, including DOVO, Hubertus, Henckels, Sohn, etc.

      What is Solingen Steel?

      Solingen steel is a premium class of steel used by Solingen brands to craft scissors, knives, etc. The knife manufacturers used Solingen steel because of its remarkable properties. It is corrosion-resistant, highly durable, and has the ability to hold a sharp edge.


      Solingen Steel holds numerous secrets. We can’t point to its specific hardness. Also, it is very hard to identify the elements present in this particular steel. It’s hard to calculate the chemical composition of Solingen Germany steel because we are not aware of how the steel was made or treated.


      However, according to data, it is confirmed that Solingen Germany knives can offer suitable, excellent hardness. As they come in various types of steel, some types are strong enough to last for decades without compromising quality.

      Applications of Solingen Steel:

      It is particularly used for making Solingen knives with excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention properties. Solingen Germany steel is best for making the following knives:


      1. Tactical and military knives

      2. Pocket knives

      3. Bushcraft knives

      4. Kitchen knife set

      5. Hunting knives, etc.


      Besides scissors, it is also used in the manufacturing of scissors, manicure and pedicure sets, tweezers, razor blades, etc.

      List of Top-Notch Solingen Steel Knives:

      No doubt, each knife made from Solingen steel is remarkable. But the top-notch Solingen steel knives are listed hereunder:


      1. Chai Dao knife from the Güde series

      2. 8” Chef’s knife from the Güde Alpha series

      3. 6” Slicing knife from the Güde Alpha series




      Why is Solingen Germany steel best?


      It is best for the following reasons:


      1. Excellent wear resistance

      2. Fantastic edge retention

      3. Best corrosion resistance


      Why consider knives from Solingen, Germany?


      Because the smiths of Solingen, Germany, are highly skilled and trained. Whether that is sharpening, polishing, or any other task related to manufacturing of precision equipment,


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