Know About Japanese Cleaver


      which we will discuss Japanese cleavers. But before discussing Japanese cleaver knives, it is important to know what a cleaver is. The world of knives is very saturated. A variety of knives are available, and each type of knife is specifically designed to carry out different functions. Some knives are also multi-purpose, which means that they can do the job of cutting, mincing, chopping, etc. Among various knives, a cleaver is a type of heavy knife consisting of a broad blade. It is mainly used for chopping and cutting.


      Here is what this article will cover:


      1. The special feature of Japanese cleaver

      2. Types of Japanese cleaver

      3. Why buy a Japanese cleaver

      Japanese Cleaver:

      A Japanese cleaver kitchen knife represents the Japanese version of kitchen blade. This sharp and thin knife was originally designed for cutting vegetables, but later on a variety of variations came in its design and it became the best tool for dealing with a variety of cooking tasks. Japanese cleavers, aka Chukabocho are made in Japan by top artisans.


      Depending on the material used in its manufacturing, its price can range from as low as $20 to hundreds of dollars. Among a variety of materials, Damascus is the best and most luxurious option for preparing a Japanese cleaver. Damascus Japanese cleavers are rich in design and can be costly.


      Best Japanese cleaver is appropriate for a variety of tasks. Its perfect size and unique shape make it an excellent choice for slicing, mincing, and chopping vegetables and meat.

      Types of Japanese Cleaver:

      Japanese cleavers including the Usuba and Nakiri are two popular options that are used by professionals and newbies around the globe. Read on to know the difference between Usuba and Nakiri.


      Usuba bocho simply known as Usuba has a thick rectangular blade with a single bevel. This means that you can sharpen this type of cleaver on one side. Usuba is a Japanese vegetable cleaver that is used by professionals for the precise cutting of vegetables and to carry out other intricate work. If you want thin slices for salads, then doubtlessly, Usuba is the best Japanese cleaver for you.


      Nakiri is a perfect Japanese cleaver with a rectangular blade along a flat edge. As compared to Usuba, they are double-beveled. They are primarily used for dicing, chopping, and slicing vegetables. You can easily cut without rocking with this type of Japanese vegetable cleaver. They are a perfect option for beginners because they are easy to handle for straight chopping motions.

      Why Buy a Japanese Cleaver?

      If you love precision in everything and want to achieve excellence in cutting, dicing, and chopping, then you should buy a Japanese cleaver. Depending on the material used, it can be cheap or costly. You can easily increase the lifespan and durability of Japanese cleavers by hand washing them and immediately drying them thoroughly before storage. It is a one-time investment and can last for years with proper storage.


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