Your Guide to Preparing Tasty and Mouth-Watering Oven Roasted Cross Rib Roast

Your Guide to Preparing Tasty and Mouth-Watering Oven Roasted Cross Rib Roast

If you love to eat roasts, then you should have tried oven-roasted cross-rib roast. And if you have tried oven-roasted cross-rib roast once in your life, you might have wondered how this delicious and mouthwatering dish is made. And if you love cooking, then you must be wondering how to cook a delicious oven-roasted cross rib roast for yourself or your family and friends. If yes, then this guide is just for you. 

Cross Rib Roast

In this article, we will explain the preparation of tasty and mouth-watering oven-roasted cross rib roast in easy steps. But before that, let’s briefly discuss what cross-rib roast is.

Cross-Rib Roast:

Cross-rib roast is a part of the animal that comes from the chuck section of the animal, preferably cow. Chuck is a part of the animal that is taken from between the neck and rib. It is not as soft as tenderloin but can become soft if cooked properly. Cross-rib roast falls in European, American, and Canadian cuisine and is the best option for the main course. 

Steps of Cooking Savory Cross Rib Roast:

Cross rib roast can be prepared in two ways. 

  1. Use moist heat (braise) for preparing tender cross-rib roast.
  2. Use dry heat (roasting) to prepare tender and delicious cross-rib roast.

If you want mouthwatering and tender cross rib roast whose aroma can increase your appetite, which falls apart and shreds when touched, then you should braise it. Are you hungry? Do you already have a cross-rib roast in your freezer? Or if you simply want to cook a savory cross-rib roast, then this article is just for you. You can easily cook the oven-roasted cross rib roast in 2 hours by reading the following recipe. 

Read our guide to understand how you can easily get a soft and juicy cross rib roast by roasting it. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin:

  1. Step 01: Prepare the Roast:

If the roast is in your freezer, take it out, and after 01 hours place it in the oven. It is important to get rid of moisture that is present in the roast.

  1. Brown the Roast:

When the moisture escapes from the roast, cook it at a suitable high temperature. A temperature of 170∘F is best for perfect cooking. When the temperature drops to 160∘F take it out of the oven. Maintaining a perfect temperature is important because it helps in developing plenty of flavors. 

Important tip during roasting: Cook the specific animal part to 10∘F less than what your final desired temperature is. The roast will continue to cook as it rests.

  1. Cutting of Roast:

When the roast is perfectly cooked (golden brown from the outside), let the roast rest for a while, and after that cut it against the grain for tender bites. 

Seasoning of Cross Rib Roast:

Once the cross-rib roast is perfectly cooked and sliced, here comes the most important step; Seasoning. Seasoning is important because it enhances the natural flavors of meat. Seasoning of cross rib roast depends on personal choice. Some prefer salt and pepper seasoning, on the contrary, some people love to eat cross-rib roast with herb-crusted seasoning. 

A quick recipe related to salt and pepper and herb-crusted seasoning is mentioned below:

  1. Salt and Pepper Seasoning:

To make a salt and pepper seasoning, simply take ½ teaspoon of pepper and a full teaspoon of salt and sprinkle on your roast as per your taste. 

  1. Herb Crusted Seasoning:

Preparing a herb crusted seasoning requires the following ingredients:

  1. 1 bunch parsley leaves
  2. Half a cup of Canola oil
  3. 1 teaspoon salt and half teaspoon black pepper
  4. 5 garlic cloves
  5. Half a bunch of fresh thyme leaves
  6. 2 tablespoon mustard powder
  7. Fresh rosemary leaves 
  8. 8 Sprigs fresh oregano along with 2 sprigs leaves

Simply blend the ingredients listed above in a mixer, and the seasoning is ready to serve with oven-roasted cross-rib roast.

Enough talking of seasoning. Now, let’s discuss about gravy. 

If you want to enjoy the oven-roasted cross-rib roast to its extreme taste, it is important to serve it with a mouthwatering gravy. Preparing gravy for a roast is very easy. 

All you have to do is melt one-fourth cup of butter followed by the addition of one-fourth cup of flour. Blend them and then gently add 2-3 cups of water. Do not add all the water at the time. Add a quarter of water slowly to the mixture until your desired consistency is achieved. 

Once you are done with seasoning and gravy for an oven-roasted cross rib roast, you can serve it with apple walnut spinach salad, finely mashed potatoes, grilled peach blueberry salad along with balsamic glaze, smoked carrots accompanied by honey garlic glaze, etc. Serving oven-roasted cross rib roast with the above salads and dishes can surely enhance flavor and bring your taste buds to life.

Steps of Cutting a Cross Rib Roast:

Here comes a little tough job. But, no need to worry, we have got you. After reading our following section, you will become a pro at cutting a cross-rib roast. Without any further delay, let’s begin:

  1. To keep the juice of the roast intact, let the roast rest for a few minutes (15-20 minutes) before cutting.
  2. Choose a sharp knife for cutting roast because it ensures a smooth slicing motion.
  3. Select the part that you want to cut. Cut in slices and cut the required quantity as per your appetite. This aids in keeping the remaining part of the roast juicy.
  4. It is recommended to cut against the grain in order to maintain the tender texture of the roast. 
  5. It should be noted that you should always cut the roast in the direction of the string (in case it is tied with string.

Cross-Rib Roast Leftovers:

Surprisingly and interestingly, you can make various delicious dishes with cross-rib roast leftovers. All you have to do is slice them and put them in the freezer in 1-pound packs. You can make steak ramen, sandwiches, and much more. Cross-rib roast leftovers are best for making extra dishes that can be used for breakfast, lunch, or brunch.