Your Guide to Preparing Tasty and Mouth-Watering Chicken Cutlets

Chicken cutlets served with crispy and fresh salad along with a gentle squeeze of lemon, who can ignore this tasty and mouth-watering dish? Among the world’s population, there is only a small percentage of people who don’t like chicken. But if they try freshly prepared chicken cutlets, they will surely shift their preferences. 

Chicken Cutlets

A chicken cutlet is an easy and widely liked dish made up of a thin slice of chicken thigh or breast. It depends on people's taste and the choice of whether they like the breast or thigh part of the chicken. The specific part of the chicken, either the thigh or breast, is made tender via hammering. After achieving an even thickness, it can be cooked in several ways. It depends on individual taste whether he likes grilling it, baking it, etc.  

Chicken cutlets are a vital part of Italian and American cuisine and can be served as a main course. Or can be eaten anytime or as a starter with salads. Everyone has eaten wraps or sandwiches once in their lives. The chicken present in such dishes is an example of a cutlet. In this unique article, we will share a unique recipe for preparing delicious and mouthwatering crispy chicken cutlets. 

So what are you waiting for? Wear your apron, gather all the necessary ingredients, and start cooking.

Easy and Tasty Recipe for Preparing Crispy Chicken Cutlet:

With the right ingredients and an easy guide, preparing a crispy chicken cutlet is a piece of cake. It takes a total of 25 minutes and your delicious chicken cutlet is ready to eat. 

Ingredients required for Mouthwatering Chicken Cutlet:

  • Skin and boneless chicken piece (you can use thigh or breast part; it depends on your taste and preferences)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 c panko or fresh bread crumbs
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Slice of lemon
  • ½  c flour
  • Kosher salt
  • Preparation:

    After gathering the required ingredients listed above, follow the below steps to prepare a crispy chicken cutlet whose aroma can make you even hungry. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our recipe:

    1. Transforming bread into crumbs
    2. Preparing thin and even chicken pieces
    3. Pounding the chicken
    4. Coating process
    5. Frying the prepared cutlets
    6. Re-frying 
    7. Tada! Serve

    1. Transforming bread into crumbs:

    If you have already leftover bread in your place, then you can simply transform leftover bread into crumbs. Simply put the bread into the food grinder and it’s done. Or if you want bread crumbs without crusts, then it is advisable to use Panko bread crumbs. Panko bread crumbs are the best option for preparing crispy chicken cutlets because they are coarsely grounded into large, airy flakes. 

    In short, it depends on you whether you want to use fresh bread crumbs or ready-made ones.

    2. Preparing thin and even chicken pieces: 

    Again, here you have two options. Either you buy thin and even ready-made chicken pieces from the nearest grocery or supermarket. Or you can do it yourself or ask your butcher to do it on your behalf. If you prefer to prepare thin and even chicken pieces yourself, please read the following paragraph. Otherwise, proceed to the next segment. 

    Take the chicken piece on your cutting board. And hold the chicken part firmly in order to hold it in its place. With your other hand, cut the piece of chicken in half. Be gentle and keep the knife parallel to the cutting board. In this step, you have two options. Do you prefer large cutlets or smaller ones? If you want large cutlets, cut all the way through or if you want to get smaller cutlets, you can cut accordingly. 

    3. Pounding the chicken:

    After getting the chicken cutlet of desired size, comes the turn of pounding. Pounding or hammering of the chicken cutlets is important because it ensures tenderization, and even thickness, and aids in easy cooking. Put your cutlet between parchment paper and pound it via a meat mallet (meat pounder). 

    It should be noted that you have to pound the meat, therefore be gentle. Carelessness in pounding can result in the formation of pulp. Try to pound the meat evenly to achieve a uniform texture. Because it ensures easy cooking of chicken cutlets. 

    4. Coating process:

    After you are done pounding, take a separate bowl or container and put eggs, flour, and breadcrumbs separately. Meanwhile, dry your chicken in case it becomes wet during the pounding process, and sprinkle a little salt on it. After drying and sprinkling salt, take the chicken piece and put it in the flour. 

    After that, dip into the beaten eggs followed by dipping into the breadcrumbs. Dipping the cutlet in eggs is important because it ensures easy sticking of breadcrumbs on the chicken’s surface. Because all that crisp is due to these breadcrumbs.

    5. Frying the prepared cutlets:

    Penultimately, it’s fry time. Grab a sauté pan of good size and pre-heat on medium flame. Add a small quantity of oil (prefer to use olive oil which is not an extra virgin for pleasant flavor) to the pan. When you start noticing the shimmering of oil, carefully place the coated piece of chicken cutlet in the pan. Ensure that the bottom of the chicken is loaded with oil. 

    Shake the pan gently to avoid sticking to the chicken cutlet. When the edges of the chicken cutlet become golden brown, carefully and gently flip the cutlet. Cook the other side until both sides of the cutlet change its color to golden brown. 

    6. Re-frying:

    Lastly, once you notice that both sides of the chicken are cooked enough, pull it out from the pan and drain off any excess oil via a paper towel. Followed by the addition of salt, Maldon salt is the best option for seasoning. Replace the oil in a frying pan with fresh oil and fry the chicken cutlet again for a few minutes.

    7. Tada! Serve:

    You are all done. Now, grab a plate, cut a slice of lemon, and for better presentation, try to serve some salad on top of tasty and mouth-watering crispy chicken cutlets.