Your Comprehensive Guide to Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

If you love cooking easy and delicious dishes from various cuisines. Then you might have tried Chicken Teriyaki Sauce. Wait! What? Haven’t you tried this mouthwatering dish? Well, no worries. We have got you. Read our following recipe and enjoy the chicken teriyaki bowl.

Why is a Chicken Teriyaki Bowl a Quick Meal?

Chicken teriyaki bowl is a quick meal because its preparation and cooking time both are quick. A few reasons why chicken teriyaki bowl is a quick meal are given below:


  1. You can prepare the delicious teriyaki sauce in a few minutes


  1. The prep time is 10 minutes and cooking the yummy chicken teriyaki bowl requires 15 minutes.


In short, a chicken teriyaki bowl is a quick meal because it will get ready in almost 25 minutes.



Recipe of Chicken Teriyaki Sauce:

Before proceeding with the chicken teriyaki bowl, it is important to make our signature sauce which is the Teriyaki sauce. If you already have teriyaki sauce or know how to make it, simply skip this section and read the recipe for the teriyaki chicken bowl listed hereunder. If not, then grab the ingredients for teriyaki sauce and make it before making a teriyaki chicken bowl.


  1. 1 cupful water
  2. 4 tablespoons soy sauce
  3. 5 teaspoons brown sugar
  4. 1 tablespoon honey or you can add as per your taste
  5. ½ cup of 8 tablespoons of ground ginger
  6. Pinch of garlic powder
  7. 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  8. Cold water

How to make chicken teriyaki sauce?

Read on to know how to make a chicken teriyaki sauce in a few easy steps:


  1. Combine ginger, soy sauce, honey, garlic powder, brown sugar, and 1 cupful of water in a saucepan. And turn on the flame. Cook for 1 minute.


  1. Take a little cold water in a cup and add cornstarch to it. Once, cornstarch dissolves in the cold water, add this mixture to the saucepan.


  1. Cook for 4-7 minutes and your sweet and tangy sauce is ready.

Recipe for Chicken Teriyaki Bowl:


For making a delicious chicken teriyaki bowl, you will need the following ingredients:


  1. Olive oil
  2. Soy sauce
  3. Honey
  4. Sesame seeds
  5. Brown sugar
  6. Sesame oil
  7. Cornstarch
  8. Brown rice
  9. Chicken breast or Shrimp
  10. Vegetables including green onion, broccoli, bell peppers, onions, snap peas and carrots
  11. Seasonings including garlic and garlic powder, ginger, and salt



  1. Cooking of rice:


In order to make a quick and yummy chicken teriyaki bowl, you have to first cook the rice. You can choose brown, white, or jasmine rice. If you want to enjoy whole grain, then it’s best to use brown rice. Carefully cook the rice according to the instructions that are mentioned on the package.


  1. Adding of vegetables:


Once the rice is cooked, turn on the flame and put a massive-sized pan on it. Add olive oil to it and pre-heat the olive oil on medium flame. Once you notice that the oil is pre-heated enough, then add in the broccoli and carrots. Add seasonings including salt and garlic powder to the pan containing broccoli and carrots. Cook for a few minutes until you notice that the vegetables have cooked enough and become soft. After that, turn off the flame and take off the vegetables from the pan.


  1. Again heating of olive oil:


Again put a little amount of olive oil in the pan and pre-heat it.


  1. Adding chicken breast:


Now, add a filet of chicken breast to the sizzling oil. Cook both sides of the chicken until its color changes to brown. Cook each side of the filet for at least 3 minutes. For better results, do not move them around continuously.


  1. Adding teriyaki sauce:


Once chicken breasts are cooked and become tender, add in the teriyaki sauce that we prepared earlier. Now, cook it again. It is best to cook until the added sauce in the pan becomes thick.


  1. Finalization


Put some teriyaki sauce over the vegetables. Now grab a plate, and add veggies with teriyaki sauce on it. Add cooked chicken to it. It is best to break the large chicken filet into small pieces before or after cooking. Add green onions, bell peppers, and sesame seeds on top for better presentation.



Why Do We Add Olive Oil, and Vegetables to Teriyaki Chicken?


  1. Olive oil:


Olive oil is usually preferred over other cooking oils because of its health benefits, stability, and flavor. Olive oil contains tons of monounsaturated fats. Doubtlessly, monounsaturated fats are far more healthier compared to saturated fats that are found in other cooking oils.


We are using olive oil in making teriyaki chicken because it is prone to oxidation. It is loaded with tons of antioxidants including Polyphenols. That’s the reason it is quite stable compared to other cooking oils.


If we talk about the flavor, then you will surely love its taste. Its distinct flavor can enhance the taste of a teriyaki chicken bowl.


  1. Vegetables:


Vegetables are added to teriyaki chicken bowls for several reasons. If you want to enjoy nutritional food without consuming much food, then you should add different vegetables to your bowl. Vegetables like broccoli and green onions contain important vitamins that are needed for our body. As our body can’t synthesize vitamins, we need them from external sources. And vegetables are a good source of it.


Similarly, carrots are loaded with important nutrients that help in lowering the risk of cancer, are good for the eyes, enhance immunity, etc.

Can You Use Chicken Thigh Instead of Chicken Breast in a Teriyaki bowl?

It’s a big Yes! If you don’t have or don’t like the breast part of chicken, then you can surely use chicken thigh in a teriyaki bowl. It also depends on personal preferences as to which cut of chicken they prefer. If you are making a chicken teriyaki bowl for the first time and are confused about which part to use, then we would prefer you to use the breast part.


Because it is loaded with a high content of protein and is much leaner compared to the thigh part. Chicken breasts contain saturated fats and are low in calories, that’s why they are mostly used. In summary, if you don’t like the breast part, you can surely use the thigh part.

Which Type of Sauce Should I Add to the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl?

If you are making a chicken teriyaki bowl, then it is a must to add a “Teriyaki Sauce”. Teriyaki sauce is quick and easy to make. And what is an amazing thing? It requires few ingredients and it tastes so yummy. It is sweet and tangy. You will surely love teriyaki sauce with chicken teriyaki bowl