Subak Hwachae/Korean Watermelon Punch: Recipe, Popularity & How to Serve

Are you looking for a refreshing way to beat this summer heat? Then I have the perfect drink for you. Korean Watermelon Punch is a modern and delightful take on Subak Hwachae. What makes this drink more popular is that you will only need a few common ingredients. Korean Watermelon Punch has become a favorite drink of both adults and kids.

Your kid is definitely going to love that floating watermelon in their punch! Whether you are having a party or just want an evening summer drink, Subak Hwachae is a perfect recipe to learn. With the help of my recipe, you can surprise your guests and brag about your creativity as well!

Korean Watermelon Punch

Moreover, you are always free to add some stevia leaves to give some color pop and extra sweetness to the punch. Now, let’s find out the complete recipe for this drink so you can impress your friends and family in this scorching summer!

About Hwache, History of This Cooling Delight

A traditional Korean punch, Hwachae is a popular summer refreshment that you can also serve as a dessert. This summer-specific beverage is typically served cold. Furthermore, served in a bowl with edible flowers and fresh fruits floating around, this drink is also refreshing to look at.

People used to enjoy this lightly flavored liquid as a natural sweetened treat. Over time, Hwachae has evolved and gone through many modern twists. For example, some people add sweeteners, dairy products, or carbonated drinks to make a different variant of it. However, each variation gets its name from the primary ingredient.

Korean watermelon punch is a must for summer because of its cooling as well as presentation qualities. Apart from Koreans, many people across the world serve Hwachae at parties, picnics, and family gatherings.

Read on to learn more about this delicious drink enriched with fresh and seasonal fruits.

What Makes Hwache so Popular in Korea?

As a kid growing up in Korea, this watermelon punch has always been my go-to summer treat. I always prefer Korean Hwache over flavored ice creams. No matter what the occasion was, I’ve always found Hwache being served as a sweetened treat.

Well, not only Koreans but people from different regions have tried out this drink. And, it’s become one of their favorite go-to summer drinks. Within a few minutes, you are calming your body from the summer heat. What could be a better way to do that than having a fresh bowl of Korean watermelon punch?

Aside from the other delicious Korean treats, it was one of the most common dishes present at every party. If you need a refreshing and affordable drink to beat the heat, then Subak Hwachae is certainly a great choice for you.

How to Prepare Korean Watermelon Punch: Ingredients and Preparation

Like many other summer drinks, preparing Subak Hwachae is very easy. All you need is just a few ingredients that are easily available irrespective of where you are. With these ingredients, you will be able to prepare the punch that every guest, especially children, will love.

Looking for the easiest way to prepare this summer treat? Check below the steps you need to follow to prepare the Korean Watermelon Punch:

  1. Take a medium-to-large-sized bowl, a knife, a small cookie scooper, and a cutting board.
  2. Wash a fresh watermelon, cut it in half, and stabilize it on the counter.
  3. Now, use the cookie scooper to take the watermelon flesh out. You can also use rotating motions to scoop out watermelon flesh as round balls.
  4. Once you have 15 to 20 watermelon balls prepared, you can proceed to make the juice for the punch.
  5. Prepare some watermelon juice with a blender. Add sugar to bring sweetness to the punch.
  6. After this, pour the watermelon juice into a medium-sized bowl.
  7. Now add the balls of watermelon and ginger ale.
  8. Add some ice cubes to serve it chill.
  9. To garnish the Korean watermelon punch, use greens like mint or stevia leaves.
  10. You can also give the punch a specific color by adding a pop of color.

Now that your Subak Hwachae is prepared, serve it and enjoy it cold! And, don’t forget the presentation and garnishing the punch.

What is the Popular Way to Serve Korean Hwachae?

This refreshing drink is generally served in a bowl (small) with a spoon. The spoon is used to eat floating fruits and edible flowers and you can drink the juice from the bowl. To get the best out of this drink, I recommend consuming it within an hour of its preparation. Make sure you are serving this punch cold; otherwise, it wouldn’t be justice to the recipe!

What is the Best Way to Make This Punch More Refreshing?

You can follow these tips to make your Korean watermelon punch more refreshing:

  • Make sure the punch is as cold as possible. Add ice cubes or chilled carbonated drinks to do that.
  • You can also consider chilling the watermelon beforehand as it adds a more refreshing experience.

What Carbonated Drinks Can You Add to Subak Hwachae?

You are free to add any carbonated drink as per your preference. I often use ginger ale when I don’t have sparkling water. It sure tastes great! Other excellent carbonated drinks that you can add are Sprite or 7UP.

What are Some Other Variations of Subak Hwachae?

To make different variations of Subak Hwachae, you can try out the following:

  • Add multiple different fruits or flowers to float on top.
  • Try mixing different fruit juices to add some flavor.
  • Decorate the punch bowl with lemon slices.
  • Add carbonated drinks like Sprite or 7UP.

Bottom Line

Well, I just shared a refreshing recipe that you can try out on a scorching summer day. Give Subak Hwachae a try! It’s a healthy and refreshing drink to make your summer relaxing. You can also stay updated for other Korean drink recipes and serve some super delicious treats to your family!