How To Select The Right Knife Holder For You

With balance and proper placement, everything you do can be protected, as is the case with knives, the most important tool in our kitchen. Once you have chosen the best knives to be your partner in crime in creating tasty food, the next thing you definitely need is a place to store them. However, casually throwing your knife anywhere in the kitchen can quickly prevent your knife from losing its sharpness.

What's more, keeping all of your knives organized makes it easier to quickly find the right knife for your cooking task. Here I add that the best technique is to make sure that you have a knife holder that will make the jobs easier for you. To choose the right knife holder, the leading knife company Sakuto Knives  has created everything you need and really, really want. Let's read deeper below!

What Are The Different Types Of Knife Holder

Depending on the variety, choosing the exact type of knife holder for you can be a bit more important, as it really depends on your:

  • Personal Judgment
  • Needs
  • Location

One thing to keep in mind is that many knife holders leave the blade exposed, which will result in your kitchen knife blades not being as sharp. If you're really looking for total coverage for your knife blade, explore the different types of holders with their pros and cons.

Store your kitchen knives in a knife block

1. A contemporary Classic Knife block

No doubt, this is one of the best types of knife holders. Underneath the knife drawer is the knife block, an invention that made it perfect for most cooks to store their knives. A knife block is usually kept on the counter with other kitchen utensils so the emphasis is on the convenience of having it all in one place.

It's a unique and streamlined way to store your kitchen tools so it's up to you if you prefer it over other holders, it comes with its own benefits and some drawbacks so below Check:


    • It keeps your knife organized.
    • An all-in-one block is convenient, especially since you can be more efficient when cooking and preparing food.
    • This will be true whether you have a block where you put your knives or freestanding knife racks that are as simple as a block.
    • They can be clearly organized so you know exactly which knife you're reaching for.


    • No doubt it's convenient, but if you have kids around, keeping your knives like this can be a safety hazard especially if kids are curious in the kitchen.
    • So be sure to choose it only if you have determined that it is the safest and most comfortable knife holder for you and is out of the reach of small hands.

    The Classic Knife Drawer

    The most recognized way to keep your knife safe in the kitchen was to keep it in a drawer. Although there are various other ways to maintain your knife, most people still prefer this method mainly because it is reliable, and keeps your knife out of the sight and reach of children.

    Kitchens often have a variety of cabinets and drawers, making it easy for people to keep their knives where they will need them most. Additionally, storing it in a drawer has its pros and cons, so check it out below:


    • Easy to use without additional purchases.
    • It is present in most kitchens, saving initial cost.
    • All it requires is a dedicated drawer space for knives.
    • Setting it up with a storage tray increases efficiency.


    • Without a storage tray, its clutter can damage the knives.
    • Clashes with each other in his knife drawer can increase the risk of rapid sharpening and breakage.
    • Inadequate drying can result in surface rust on knives stored in drawers.

    Modern Convenience Magnetic Strip Block

    One of the most innovative knife holders you can own right now that will fit perfectly with your kitchen aesthetic is the modern magnetic strip. It is also called a magnetic wall rack, mainly because of its shape changes.

    However, one thing is normal: it includes a magnet that allows your knife to be properly secured.

    It has various pros and cons so check them out below to see if this is the right knife holder for you.


    • The aesthetic appeal of magnetic strips and racks.
    • It's a handy knife holder and the knife sticks to it easily.
    • Knives are easy to access and set up, increasing food preparation efficiency.
    • Its versatile designs are available, from simple wooden strips to elegant resin racks.
    • These knives air dry on a wall rack, reducing the potential for surface rust.


    • A cheap or poorly made magnetic rack can lose magnetism over time, causing knives to fall and pose safety hazards.
    • These steel or metal magnetic racks can scratch and mark knife surfaces.


    FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I choose the right knife holder for me?

    A: Think about how much space you have in your kitchen, how many knives you own, what style you like, and how much you want to spend. This will help you decide if a drawer, magnetic strip, or another type of holder is best for you.

    Q: Are magnetic knife holders safe for all types of knives?

    A: Magnetic holders are usually safe, but make sure the magnet isn't too strong for your knives. Some knives, like ones with ceramic blades, might not work well with magnetic holders.

    Q: Can I put a magnetic knife holder on any surface?

    A: Magnetic holders work best on metal surfaces. If you want to put one on tile or wood, be careful with how you install it so you don't damage anything.

    Q: How do I clean different types of knife holders?

    A: Keep your holders clean by wiping them down regularly. For magnetic strips, use a damp cloth. For drawer organizers, take out your knives every now and then to clean the tray and prevent rust.

    Q: What are the downsides of each type of knife holder?

    A: Think about whether your knives might get dull or rusty in a drawer, or if a magnetic holder might lose its strength over time. Consider these things along with what you like and how you use your knives to pick the best holder for you.

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