List of Mouthwatering Maltese Drinks and Food That Are Adored by Locals and Tourists

Do you love traveling and trying various traditional foods and drinks? If yes, then you are at the right place. Because this article is packed with 11 mesmerizing and mouth-watering Maltese signature dishes. Malta is a beautiful European country that is known for its captivating architectural sites, drastic cliffs, etc.

List of Maltese Signature Food

Wait, Malta is also kind of a big deal for its traditional food that is highly appreciated by locals as well as by tourists. People from around the world especially visit Malta to try its mouthwatering cuisine. If you are in Malta then you should read this guide. The reason is that this piece of writing is packed with Maltese special starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks.

List of Maltese Signature Food:


1. Pastizzi:

Pastizzi is a famous Maltese street food that attracts and makes taste buds watery. If you are planning to visit any hotel for lunch or dinner, and wondering to try a starter before the main course, then doubtlessly pastizzi is a must-try option. It is a mouthwatering dish that has been applauded by locals and tourists for generations.


Pastizzi is prepared with filo pastry with soft cheese filling (ricotta is mainly used) or peas. Pastizzi is rich in taste and easy on budget. As it is a street food, you can find delicious mouthwatering pastizzi on every nook and cranny.

2. Kinnie and Cisk:

Kinni and Cisk are two popular drinks that you can find in every Maltese restaurant. Kinnie is a non-alcoholic drink that is closely related to the Italian chinotto. Italian Chinotto is a carbonated soft drink that is prepared from the juice of citrus fruits that are obtained from myrtle-leaved orange trees. It is prepared from the extracts of wormwood. Kinnie is a carbonated drink that has a bittery and sweet taste.


On the other hand, if you like drinking alcohol and you need a refreshing beer then you should try Cisk.


We have discussed our starter and finalized our drinks. It’s now time to discuss the main course. Maltese bread with oil along with an open sandwich is a delicious Maltese traditional dish. This unique dish is hardly found in Maltese restaurants.


If you are visiting Malta in summer, then you should try this appetizing dish.  Served with ripped tomatoes, green peppers, tuna, and green olives, Maltese bread is best for locals and tourists.

4. Bean Pasta:

Bigilla or in simple words, Bean Pasta is another Maltese traditional food that is largely consumed by locals and tourists. It is prepared by mashing the tic beans. Different types of seasoning like minced garlic, and chopped parsley are added to the dish to bring out its true flavor.

5. Soppa Tal-Armla :

Soppa Tal-Armla, also known as Widow’s soup, is the best option for starters. If you are a food enthusiast and love trying different soaps, then trying Soppa Tal-Armla is a must. It was largely consumed by the Maltese during the World Wars and the Ottoman War.


However, this soup is not easily available nowadays. If you really want to try a soup that contains the base of fresh vegetables, then you have to hunt for it.

6. Aljotta (Fish Soup):

If you are a fish person, then Aljotta is the best dish both for starters or the main course. It depends on luck which type of fish the chef serves. If you get a rockfish, then it is your lucky day. This fish soup is served with a fish containing all its parts including head and tail.


Once the fish is cooked, its parts like the head and tail are removed from the rest of the body. Fish is cooked with its head and tail because this is important to ensure that the fish should be cooked in its natural juices..

7. Sausage of Malta:

If we talk about the mains, then it is important to include Maltese sausage. It is similar to African sausage. But richer in taste. If you are a meat lover and want to try something meaty in Malta, then you should give Maltese sausage a try.



8. Lampuki Pie (Torta Tal-Lampuki):

Mahi Mahi or Dorado is known as Lampuki in the Maltese. Numerous restaurants in Malta cook lampuki and serve its pie with a variety of vegetable sauces including carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, etc. Lampuki pie is one of the best seafood in Malta.

9. Stuffat Tal-Fenek:

Stuffat Tal-Fenek or Rabbit stew is a delicious Maltese national food. It consists of a combination of flavourful food ingredients that are cooked over controlled heat. Stew is served along with a tasty gravy. Also, if you are in Malta or intend to visit this beautiful country then you should try it.


If you are visiting Malta and not trying its national dish, then your trip will not be worth it. Stuffat Tal-Fenek is a luxurious dish that involves soft cuts from the rabbit's meat cooked on slow heat. Temperature maintenance is important to achieve flavor that can increase your appetite. Stuffat Tal-Fenek can be served with carrots, tomatoes, or with traditional herbs and spices.

10. Imqaret (Date Cake):

We have discussed starters and delicious main courses, now let’s discuss Malta's traditional dessert which is Imqaret. If you want to try something that is easy on budget and is easily available then you should try Imqaret. Imqaret (which is known as Date Cake in English) is served along with ice cream. According to data, Imqaret dates back to the Arab times. For a more enchanting experience, eat Imqaret with delightful sips of espresso.

11. Harruba (Carob Liqueur):

Lastly, we will finalize our list of traditional Maltese food with Harruba. It is an after-dinner drink and is prepared from the fruit extracted from the carob tree. Harruba is also known as Carob Liquor and is easily available in Malta. Because the raw materials that are used in its preparation are present all around Malta.