Hawaiian Signature’s Meal; Spam Musubi With Furikake and Eggs

Do you love eating food from different cuisines? Do you love trying yummy, delicious, traditional foods around the globe? Is your next trip to Hawaii or recently came from this amazing place? If you went to Hawaii then you must have tried the Hawaiian signature meal which is none other than Spam Musubi with Egg and Furikake. 

Hawaiian Signature’s Meal; Spam Musubi With Furikake and Eggs

Spam musubi with furikake and egg along with that sweet and tangy sauce is mouthwatering. There is no doubt that whoever goes to Hawaii talks about food. And order Spam Musubi because it is the Hawaiian version of Japanese dishes. The one who eats Hawaii's Spam Musubi becomes a fan of this delicious dish.

However, you cannot visit Hawaii just to enjoy this dish because it will cost you time and a huge sum of money. Now the question is how we can satisfy our craving for spam musubi. Well, if you too are struggling with this problem then you are at the right place. In this article, we have shared a secret, easy, and tasty recipe for Hawaiian musubi.


So what are you waiting for? Get yourself in the kitchen, wear your apron, and let’s start.

Hawaiian Musubi:

Just like “Onigiri” and “Musubi” (which are Japanese dishes)Hawaiian musubi are tasty balls of rice. They are ball-shaped and are wrapped in dried seaweed (nori). Influenced by Japanese cultural dishes, Hawaii created their own edition of Musubi which in Hawaii is known as Spam Musubi. In Hawaii, you can find multiple variations of spam musubi. You can find mochiko chicken musubi, musubi made up of rice or salmon (miso), etc.


In simple words, anything that can be put on layers of rice and can be folded with nori becomes a musubi. But, it should be noted that Spam Musubi remains the king and queen of all types of Musubis. If you are in Hawaii and visit any restaurant, then besides Shoyu Chicken and Hawaiin Pig roast, you will definitely see spam musubi on every restaurant menu.

How to Prepare Spam Musubi?

Now, you can easily prepare spam musubi with eggs because we have made this special step-by-step recipe for you. Before getting started, you should have a musubi maker along with the following ingredients:

Ingredients Required:

  1. 5 or 2 standard cups of rice (use short grain instead of long grain)
  2. 2 tablespoons teriyaki sauce
  3. 1 can of spam
  4. 2 tablespoon furikake (optional)
  5. 6 beaten eggs seasoned with salt
  6. 4 nori seaweed sheet, cut in half

Read Our Following Instructions to Make a Delicious Hawaiian Musubi:

Step 1:

Take the short-grain rice, wash, and cook it. We prefer you to use short-grain rice (for example: Calrose Rice) because it lacks fluffy properties. Long-grain rice is not preferable for making musubi because it lacks the necessary stick, as well as starches. Such things are important for shaping the musubi.

Step 2:

Now, with the help of a knife, split the spam into a few slices. When I was making spam musubi, I cut the spam into 7-8 slices. After cutting, cook it with a small amount of oil. You should continue cooking until the color changes to light brown on both sides.

Step 3:

Here comes the eggs. Take a bowl and beat eggs in it. Once you are done with eggs, take a cooking pan. Add a little oil to it and cook the beaten eggs. Have you ever cooked an omelet? Yes, cook the beaten eggs like you make an omelet. Once you are done with cooking, take a sharp knife and cut the omelets into a rectangular shape. It is important to cut cooked eggs according to the same shape and size as the spam.

Hawaiian Signature’s Meal; Spam Musubi With Furikake and Eggs

Arranging the Cooked Eggs in Spam Musubi:

In this recipe, we will divide the rice into two layers. And add a piece of spam between the rice layers. In simple words, we will sandwich a slice of spam between two rice layers. Doing this will make the musubi more delicious and we can enjoy balanced flavors.  


In order to assemble eggs in spam musubi, grab a Musubi Maker. Musubi makers come in different varieties including single musubi mold, and double musubi mold. No issue with which type of musubi-making machine you have, the assembling process is similar.


  1. Take 2 ½ sheets of laver (nori) and lay it down. Please note that the side that is shiny should be downward. Adjust the musubi mold accurately.


  1. Carefully add rice layers to the mold. The quantity of rice depends on the individual's taste. But it is advisable to add rice about ½ an inch thick. Evenly spread the rice on the nori sheets.


  1. This is an optional step but if done, it can enhance the flavor of your dish. If you have a furikake, then you can spread it over the rice layers. You can sprinkle furikake as per your taste.


  1. Now, add a piece of spam (fried) along with a piece of cooked egg on each side. Apply teriyaki sauce on it. Teriyaki sauce is sweet and tangy in taste. It really enhances the overall taste of spam musubi.


  1. Now, repeat step 2. Spread another even ½  inch rice layer over the sauce.


  1. Grab a musubi press. Use it strongly to push it down.


  1. Now remove the mold from the musubi. Grab a knife and wet it with a little water. And gently cut the musubi into two parts.


  1. Fold the laver over the top layer of rice. You can also use a little water to ensure easy sticking of nori.


Step 4:

You are all set. Enjoy it on picnics and parties with your family and friends.