Did someone say Desserts? Try Homemade Brownies!

If you are done with the main course, then it’s time to have desserts. Desserts serve as the final course on a dining table and are meant to aid in the digestion of heavy meals. If you are hosting a formal or grand family dinner where you have prepared everything from starters to the main course, then it is important to add the final dish which is the desserts.

Did someone say Desserts? Try Homemade Brownies!

Desserts represent a sense of closure. It is believed that the sugar in desserts helps the brain to release certain neurotransmitters like Serotonin. Such hormones are capable of making you feel cheerful, happy, and calm. In short, it is important to add desserts to the menu.


If you are hosting the entire dining system at home and managing everything on your own, then you must be wondering what to include in the desserts. Well, no worries, we have got you. You can try easy and delicious brownies. Read our following recipe and serve your guests with finger-licking desserts.

Recipe for Making Brownies:


  1. Unsalted butter
  2. Two eggs
  3. One cupful of granulated sugar
  4. Vanilla extract (just for adding aroma and flavor)
  5. Salt
  6. Baking soda
  7. Chocolate chips
  8. All-purpose flour
  9. Cocoa powder



Read our easy recipe to make fudgy and delicious brownies.


  1. Step 1: Preheating of Oven:


First of all, you have to turn on the oven and preheat it to 350°F. Take baking or parchment paper and line it in the metal baking pan. Melt the butter in the oven and set it aside to slightly cool.


  1. Whisking of Ingredients:


Whisk together vanilla, melted butter, and sugar. It is best to take granulated sugar for a crunchy feeling. If you do not need that sugary crunch, simply switch the granulated sugar to finely powdered sugar. When you are done with whisking vanilla, melted butter, and sugar, then whisk them in eggs. Continue mixing until every ingredient in the mixture is dissolved and you obtain a uniform mixture.


  1. Add dry to wet:


After you have achieved a uniform mixture, add the dry ingredients including salt, baking soda, flour, and cocoa powder. After adding them, mix the ingredients properly to get a uniform consistency. Do not over-stir the mixture. Add chocolate chips to the batter.


If you are out of chocolate chips and going to the market to buy one, then it’s best to buy Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Chips. They are best because they melt at the right time. You can also use semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips.


  1. Baking Process:


Bake them at 350°F (176°C) for at least 30 minutes. Once you are done, take them out. Allow to cool at room temperature for another 30 minutes. Once their temperatures match the room temperature, you can cut them into rectangle or triangle pieces.  


That’s all. It’s done. Serve and Enjoy!

What Type of Pan is Best for Cooking Brownies?

So are you confused about what type of pan is best for cooking brownies? No worries, we have got you.


Surprisingly, you can cook brownies in any pan. However, the most preferred options are metal and aluminum pans. Conductivity and heat transfers are two important things that matter the most during the cooking of brownies. Metal and aluminum pans are the best option because of their high conductivity and heat transfer capabilities. It is best to use a pan with dark coating foil. However, you can also use a pan with a light color.


Although you can cook brownies in any pan, it is not recommended to use glass or ceramic baking pans. Because glass and ceramic pans are slower to conductivity. Glass pans take over 3x time to heat up compared to metal or aluminum pans. Also, by using a glass pan, there is a possibility that the edges or brownies may burn.

How to Know When Brownies Are Cooked?

The best way to know when brownies are cooked is by observing them. When you notice that the batter is pulling away from the edges, and the tops of brownies are set, then it’s time to pull them out from the oven and eat them. Or you can also know when brownies are cooked by a toothpick test.

Toothpick test:

This is an important test that is used to ensure that the brownies, cake, etc are fully cooked or not. Take a toothpick and insert it in the center of the brownie. Pull it out and observe. If it comes out with wet butter, then the brownies need more time to bake. If it comes out with moist crumbs, then this indicates that brownies are perfectly cooked and it’s time to take them out.

However, if the toothpick comes out clean from the brownies, it means they are overcooked. This is okay. But the brownies will be less fudgy.


What Are the Storage and Serving Notes for Brownies?

The serving of brownies depends on the individual’s taste. For the best experience, you can serve them when they are slightly warm along with a chilled glass of milk. You can also serve brownies with your favorite ice cream. If you will eat brownies in 1-2 days, then you can store them at room temperature. You have two options for short-term storage.


  1. Either wrap the brownies in plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
  2. Place the brownies in an airtight container


However, if you want to store them for a longer period, then it’s best to freeze them. Read our following section to get essential insights on the freezing of brownies.

Can You Freeze Brownies?

Yes! Brownies can be frozen and can be used later. All you have to do is take an aluminum foil and wrap the brownies in it. You can also use a plastic wrap instead of aluminum foil. Once brownies are wrapped, place them in a ziploc bag or freezer-safe tin. By freezing brownies, you can store them for up to 3 months. Besides eating, you can also make shakes, trifles, parfaits, smoothies, etc with frozen brownies.